Any other paramedics out there?

I’m just about to begin the upper sciences to finish my AA degree to get my BS. I have about 36 credit hours left and a three year contract with my ambulance company. I need some tips on how to go to school, about eight hours a semester and work our irregular schedule. I’m worried that I’ll have a hard time doing it.

My job is not a normal 9-5 job. I work in a lab and sometimes I have to work way past 5pm. However, on the days that I had class I made sure that I got out of there early.
You situation is much different in that your schedule is NOT set. I am an EMT and I understand. However, what you also need to realize is that being a pre-med is not a hobby. It is not something that you can just fit in to your schedule when you can. It is a full time commitment. That being said, my advise to you would be find out your schedule of classes and let your scheduler know that on those days, you either cannot work or you take the early shift or the overnight shift.
You may also want to look into weekend classes.
Look, it is a Saturday night and I am home studying for the MCAT.

I’m ready to give up any event to study or go to class.