any other way to submit transcript requests?

I am so far behind…
Is there any other way to submit transcript requests other than the paper snail mail form from AMCAS that is “appropriate”?
I’m just wondering… if I could do it electronically, I would hope that would go faster… rather than waiting a month to get everything settled.

Sorry but the answer is NO. This is why it is so important that you stay on top of the ball all at times. AMCAS is notorious for sometimes losing stuff one, two, and three times or more. Transcripts are accepted like in May even before AMCAS is up for the new cycle.

I figured… those bad boys are going out today…
wish I had been more on top of this before…

Well do not bash your head too much he he. It is still early and you should be fine if amcas is on the ball. It seems that this year things are going better.

all my stuff just went to the mailbox… here’s hoping nothing will get lost… I went ahead and did AACOMAS transcript requests as well…
crossing fingers

Yeah! now remember if in like ten working days AMCAS has not received your stuff…I would submit transcripts again. This may be really anal but it works.