Any PharmDs in the house?

After having my salary dropped 30K as a result of the criminal practices of the Pharmacy Benefits Managers, I had enough of retail pharmacy. While the job is satisfying at times, I went to school for far too long to not be able to treat patients in the way I want to. Have you guys seen any other PharmDs gain admittance?

I would also like to ask about volunteering. When Im not working or spending time with my family, Im very active in an undisclosed 12 step program (I don’t want to break the tradition of anonymity). I sponsor newcomers to recovery and participate in the fellowship. To me, this seems like a noble form of volunteerism. What do you guys think?

Not a PharmD but was about to matriculate into pharmacy school. I have heard about people who have gone PharmD, MD so it is possible. I totally agree with pharmacy not being in a good spot right now. The PBMs have been wrecking havoc on field. I have heard that the big retail chains have been known to suck out the souls/life-essence of pharmacists and techs on a daily basis.

As far as the volunteering goes I think that would count. Coffee, who replied to my post, said anything that you are not forced/paid to do should count as volunteering.