Any pre-med moms with small kids?

I’m very new to this site, and I was wondering if there are any pre-med moms with small kids out there. I’m 37, I live in Canada, and I have three children, ages 5, almost 4, and 2. It would be great to connect with somebody.
Cheers from Vancouver, BC

mine are 8 and 6, does that count?
You might want to check out as well. they have some resources there.

They sure do count!! They certainly aren’t much older than mine! How far along are you in the premed process? How are you managing time with the kids?

Thanks for the tip re: mommd, too. I will go there later today!

I have three wonderful girls, 5, 2, and 11 months. Great to see some other moms here.

I’m so glad to hear from you!! Your kids sound as close together in age as mine, except I have two boys and a girl in the middle. Are you just starting your pre-med work, or are you further along?

Hi there
Welcome to OPM. I dont have any kids, but I am Vancouver based too! I am applying to UBC next year and doing my OChem and MCAT this summer. Send me a message and lets connect.

I have 5 sons ages 9,7,4,3, and 6monthes old.
My own little basketball team! Combining home and premed is crazy!

I have been accepted to LECOM-Bradenton.
I was to be in the class of 2009, but due to some health complications I will be in the class of 2010.
My kids are both in school… so that helps… When I started last fall, they were with their dad… now we’re all together… so this fall will be interesting. They will most likely be involved in before (maybe) and after school programs… probably some club stuff or whatever… if I can get them into some lessons (music or art maybe?) after school that would be fabulous.

If there’s any more information I can provide, please don’t hesitate to ask.
LECOM-B class of 2010

I’m no longer a pre-med (but an MS-2) and my kids are 8, 14, and 22, but when I started, they were 2,8,and 16…and the 16 year old was always in trouble,so…but I made it. Its been hardest on my youngest, a girl, who has spent the last 8 months away from me when my family had to go back to the US (I’m finishing up the basic sciences in 3 days in the UK!!)

It’s really great to hear from someone like you who has made it so far! I often wonder about my ability to handle the mommy-guilt that I put onto myself. It’s very heartening to hear that others have done it!gb