Any Seattle premeds out there?

Hi, everyone–

This post is directed specifically toward Washington State residents. I just moved up to Seattle from California, and I’m trying to check out my pre-req options so I can start taking classes the moment I’m attain residency. But I keep hearing that UW bio classes are impossible to get into and that post-bacc students are often rejected from enrolling at all because of over-enrollment of conventional undergrads.

Anyone out there taking/taken classes at UW and have some tips for me? I know Seattle U and Seattle Pacific have science classes, but they’re pretty expensive.



This is probably not what you want to hear, but UW bio classes are EXTREMELY hard to get into as a non-matriculated student. I would suggest attempting to enroll as a post-baccalaureate degree seeking student, and taking classes that way.

You could try UW Tacoma - it’s cheaper than UW. You might even be able to start as a non-resident. Also, If your just waiting around to get residency, you could take a few classes at a good community college - like general chem or calculus, which is a pre-req. for calc based physics. This is a really cheap way to knock out some classes without effecting you residency qualifying period, but be careful because admissions don’t really like to see too many core science classes taken from a

CC. Of course, if you nail the MCAT’s you have a good argument that you are smart smart enough to overcome any supposed inadequacies they think are inherit in a CC.

I’m assuming you already have a bachelors and just need the science core. I know some universities have a special graduate curriculum designed exactly for that.

Yeah, I was thinking of finishing up Chemistry at a CC, and applying for post-bacc status at UW. But I’ve heard it’s really tough to get a slot there. I guess I’ll just try and see what happens. I might have to just suck it up and take Bio at Seattle U, which is mucho expensive. Ah well.

I’ll check out UW Tacoma, too, but the last time I checked I didn’t see any core science classes in their catalog…

Thanks for your input, folks.

UW is my alma mater and I recall trying to get into the science classes for my requirements. It was horrible and after much consideration, I was one of the many weeded out of the pre-med hopes. But now I am back on track.

At any rate violetny, you are right. UW Tacoma does not have the science courses that are required by med schools. Nor does UW Bothell. Seattle U and Seattle Pacific are private, hence why they are so expensive. Pacific Lutheran in Tacoma isn’t any better, as it is a private school as well.

If you need to head toward the CC route to finish up your requirements, I would suggest going to Bellevue CC. It is a well known CC up there (I’ve since relocated back to California) and will prepare you better. I would check out their advisory program as well, they have a lot of good people working there that know a lot about med school and any allied health careers. At least, that is what I heard from a few of my friends who have been successful in their path toward doctor or other health professions.

Definitely take a HARD look at UW’s requirements for residency. You will already be paying more money than a typical undergrad because you are post-bacc. But the downfall is that their residency requirements have drastically changed (I think the change happened in 2003). The requirements are more than just a year living in the state, bank account, voter and car registration…If I recall correctly, it had some random stipulation that you had to take a max amount of credits that equated to a part-time student and all the other hoops of income, etc…and of course the driver’s license.

Any particular reason for moving up to Washington? I miss all my friends, but I realize I love the sun!

That is my two cents, but then again, I may be a little removed since I graduated from UW in 05.

Hi! I am just starting out. I am taking my first 2 years at CC. Green River to be exact. It is near my house, smaller classes and about 1/3rd the price of UW. However, I plan on transferring to UW in order to achieve my BS. I plan on THEN taking further science classes to show that I can keep up in University science. It is true, they say that they will consider CC credits, but, there has to be proof that you are smart enough in their academic programs. So, that’s my plan, if that helps.

One of the girls at UW says she is in a Chemistry classes with 700 students and is having a hard time learning that way. Best wishes.