Any thoughts on starting a family while in Med School?

Can anyone comment on starting a family or at least having young ones while in med school?

What are some common ways that families can bring in some extra income while in med school?


I don’t have any kids yet, and extra income has never been an issue for me, since my husband has a decent paying job and has been able to support us both throughout my medical student career.

There are, however, whole bunch of people in my school who either started as parents, or had their first (or second or more) children in med school… and they made it work

It’s definitely easier for a guy than a lady… although there is a good number of girls in my class who are pregnant right now, just delivered or are about to have their babies… since 4th year of med school is considered to be a good time to have a baby.

I have a whole bunch of guys in my class who have children and they wives are stay-at-home moms. They just borrow extra money for living expenses, some get help from their families… all of them live extra frugal lives…

Some people in my class got some hours in ED as scribe, medical assistant, etc. during first two years of med school to make some extra $$$. But you have to realize that if you spend whatever free time you have making money, you will have NO quality time with your family.

There are people on this forum who can give you better, and first-hand advice on that. I just wanted to let you know that whatever you decide it’s not going to be easy, but it’s definitely doable!


There were several women (both traditional and non-traditional) who joined my class after having taken a year off at some point during med school to have a child (first, second, or even higher). I’m not sure what happens to their student loans during that time, but would be something to consider.

Having worked as a patient care tech during the first 3 years of med school, I would recommend against it. You get very little free time and, in retrospect, would have rather spent that time with my husband than working, even if it was only 16 hours per month (4 hours each Friday night).

I’m not in med school yet – I’m just starting my post-bac pre-med program this fall – but I’ve already decided that IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, I (being the student) will not work. Even if my husband and I do start a family. (We don’t currently have any kids, and aren’t quite sure where we stand on the issue ATM.) I just don’t think it’s worth it, for a few extra bucks. Take out the extra loan. Forego the steaks or the dinners out or the iced coffees (those $4 things really add up!). That’s my plan. I simply CANNOT distract myself from my studies. I have a very respectable GPA already, but I cannot let it slip.

In addition, I need to make time for my husband (Tara commented on this), and some other necessary things. This is how I do the “math”:

Time for husband

  • time for homework

  • time in class

  • time for housework*

  • an hour here or there with friends/family, seeing a movie or something

  • maybe volunteering or shadowing now and again

  • sleeping (umhhh … I do get to sleep, right?! once in a while?!)

    = not much time for much else.

    Especially the drudgery of work, and especially if it complicates your schedule.

    I would avoid it if at all possible. Then again, if you have to, you’ll make it work. This is just the mindset I have, and my IDEAL circumstances (i.e., not having to work). Who knows what will really happen! …

    Good luck to you!

  • sharing these duties w/the husband, of course