Any UW alum out there?

Just wondering if there are any current or former University of Washington med-students out there.
That is the school I really need to get in to, becasue one it is the most affordable and two I am from montana and its my best shot at getting in.
Can any one comment about the program in general? I'm especially intrested in locations during 3rd and 4th year clerkships. Do you have options to decide were you want to do them?

Although I am not an alum I am/was an Alaska resident and so I interviewed at UW and discussed their program. It sounds great. You can do your rotations at many, many different locations of your choice in the 5 state WWAMI region (although some are more popular than others and there is limited space – they call it the WRITE program). You can also do option programs like R/UOP (Rural/Underserved Opportunities Program). It sounds like a great program overall, especially if you are interested in rural medicine.
If there are any UW SOM alums out there, I’m sure they can detail more.