Anybod in the Los Angeles/Orange County/Inland Empire area?

I am in coastal Southern California and am interested in if any groups exist here. I have read posts that a SoCal group exists, but I have no contact information for them. Can anyone provide contact information on meeting other OPMs in this area?

The good news is the OldPreMeds 2015 National Conference will take place June 11-13 at the Holiday Inn at LAX.

The possibly good news there was a group a few years ago and I believe the advisor at the school is still active, but I need to confirm that .

Thanks for the information and I look forward to this conference.

I live in the L.A area, where do you live?

I divide my time between Long Beach (where I live) and Yorba Linda (where I do some work).

I live in Sherman Oaks, between the 405 and 101 freeways. I studied at UCLA, i don’t have to drive much. If you don’t mind me asking, how old were you when you decided to go into the medical field?

No, I don’t mind you asking. In answering you, I should differentiate between “going into the medical field” versus “the desire to be a physician.” I started volunteering in the medical field when I was 26, started working in the field when I was 30, and began thinking about going to medical school at age 40. Why so long in between these ages and why not sooner or faster? It was a mix of family and work obligations combined with allowing my volunteer commitments to take too much time away from studying and applications. I got too deep into my volunteer work and these organizations became too dependent on my help.

I am backing out of my volunteer work, so I can focus on the MCAT and shoring up my GPA.

I am now considering taking some science courses through UCLA.

That is soo eerie…we might be neighbors…

If you are still working full time UCLA extensions is a very good option, science classes are tough though, you see in a quarter what you supposed to in a semester in regular college classes, also the Integrated Science Program in Whittier is a great option, super pricey but you are done with your required science classes in one month per class and their credits are transferable. Good luck in your endeavor!

Really? Where do you live? What school are you going to?

I live in Sherman oaks also. I graduated 6years ago from ucla. However, next quarter I will be taking some classes through ucla extension.

Really? Well yeah, we are neighbors! so, what made think about medicine, is it something that you’ve always wanted?

Hi There,

Anyone from California Bay Area here, planning to start their medical career?

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I used to live in the Bay Area (finished undergrad the first time there) and worked there. If you are looking into post-baccs, consider UC Berkeley and their extension courses.

Hi Ramya,

I currently live in Concord. I am looking at the post bacc at SFSU, CSUEB (my alma mater), UC Berkely extension, and UCLA extension. How far are you in this process of planning for medical school? I don’t know a single person trying to do what we are doing (especially in the bay) so I’d love to connect and share ideas!

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Have you tried MeetUp? We’ve had a lot of luck meeting people that way. You could always start your own group too.