Anyone at UTSW or UTA (Texas)?

Hi, I stumbled across this website when surfin through UTSW medical site, this is really a wonderful wealth of information and inspiration! “Thanks!” to all who created it and keep it going!
a little about mwa’… I “was” a satellite engineer and after developing the 1st send and receive for NASA (with 2 other engineers) became laid off, with many 2,000 others, (company sold…the satellite really did …and does…work!)
I always wanted to be a MD, ever since my father lost his sight when I was 5 (wanted to “fix him” ) but family thought we couldnt afford med school, or any for that matter, my engineering skills started in the tool crib in a huge factory and all my free time with the engineers (like to fix things, wasnt people or frogs, but…close as i could get) anyway…sis in law went to school practically on big macs and pennies! so…the glimmer of a way started to come to me…i have just about compleated 1st year, doing well, and ready to make the move to UTA this summer (May 25th) .
sure would love to know if anyone out there can give any advice on these two schools and professors etc. there?
(Already know about the scorpions )
I really look forward to reading and learning more, but for now, my sea legs are getting tired from the saturation of information surfing this site.

I live in the DFW area and previously attended UTA. You can PM me if you need specific information about UTA or DFW. I only took a few science courses at UTA so I don’t have a lot of recommendations for instructors but I can steer you away from one particular chemistry professor.