Anyone been a clinic translator?

I’m hoping to get a volunteer position as a Spanish translator at an urban clinic in Chicago. (I’ve applied, and supposedly they’re now checking my references.) I’d be working there perhaps once a week or so in the fall, maybe a bit more during the summer.

I’m really excited about the prospect – it would translating directly between Spanish-speaking patients and doctors/nurses/pharmacist s during physical exams, etc.

I worked in the ICU (as a paid employee) at a local hospital several years ago, and so I’ve been looking for a slightly different experience. This would definitely be different!

Anyway, I’m wondering … has anyone else done this kind of thing? If so, what were your experiences? Just curious. Thanks!

I have done this while I was a student physician at our student clinic.

You will see everything you will see in a primary care office to the nth degree. Many times, you will experience patients with super high sugar, ridiculously high blood pressure, and need a lot of explaining. They will say that their neighbor gave them a pill and it worked and want to know if you can give it to them. They will have a hard time getting their prescriptions and you will need to check the Wal-mart $4 list to see if the drug is there.

You should also brush up on your cultural competency.

Good luck and have fun.

Just found out that I’ve been accepted to the translator position!

General volunteer orientation at the clinic is in August, and the specific translator training is in September, so I’ve got PLENTY of time to learn all that medical terminology. I can’t wait!

That sounds very interesting good luck on this position. You will learn alot.