Anyone else catch the new medical show last night?

I liked it.

I totally forgot that it was on last night… I was planning to watch it, too. Though I was just reading a rather angry thread regarding said show on (as you can imagine they thought the portrayal of nurses was less than flattering). Seems that with all medical shows (and probably true for legal, cop, and whatever other shows) that accuracy usually ranks much lower than the entertainment factor. Oh well… my all time favorite medical show was/is Scrubs, which unfortunately I haven’t seen in ages since I decided to ditch cable. I’ll have to go see if they still manufacture antennas for televisions!

I thought it was pretty good. Of course, while there is some reality, it is still not a show to judge our medical decisions by. But, what the heck. It was fun!

>>>poking my head out of the OR<<<
What new medical show?

It’s called Grey’s Anatomy, and it’s on ABC on Sunday evenings at 10 p.m. Story evolves around a bunch of new surgical interns. A lot of competition, lots of hours, a few mistakes, and don’t forget the intern-attending physical relationship, etc. Not bad.

Thanks Dave! I thought I was the only one with my head, well, elsewhere. I had no clue, either.
Unlike you, I’m still not gainfully employed. I’m in that blissful period between finishing up my course work and starting residency. You’d think I’d be on top of TV, wouldn’t ya?
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PS, when do you suppose we’ll get a TV show about medical students? Just picture the drama of first years stinking to high heaven, second years pretending to understand the kidney, third years pretending to have a lecture to go to and fourth years, well, being invisible.

The coolest part of Grey’s Anatomy is that on TV, general surgeons get to do neurosurgery. That’s awesome!
Seriously though, I didn’t like that the whole thing is basically formatted like an episode of Survivor with little competitions and a “who will be voted off the island?” set-up from the residency director in the beginning. And I thought it was interesting that this internship ignores the 80 hour workweek. In both cases I think it speaks to the romanticization of the toughness of medical/surgical training which is part of how both patients and doctors start believing that doctors are some sort of special creature. Which I hope all on this list realize is nonsense.
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I liked the show, very interesting. But they don’t really let interns have that much responsibility right off the bat, do they? I hope not!

didn’t see it, so have no idea what sorts of responsibilities interns have on the show. In real life we have a lot of responsibility but are (usually) working with a net, thankfully.

Who ever has not seen the movie “Gross Anatomy” do yourselves a favor and rent it.
For those of you who are in or have been through medical school, you are going to have a blast.
For those of us who are not in med school yet…
something to look forward to.