Anyone else feel this way when starting?

Over the past two days I have begun my MCAT review over courses I have already taken previously, Bio and Psych/Soc.
This semester I will be taking Gen Chem 1 and 2 so I know I am not ready for those areas just yet (along with Org Chem and Bio Chem which will in the Spring and Summer of 2021).
As I started to review, I feel like I am way behind and I am not “getting” the MCAT questions. I review the material, I feel good about it - then get to a review question and I feel clueless.
Will this improve over time? I don’t want to get too discouraged too quickly. Is there a time to give myself to learning the really read the MCAT questions?

Good news is - I have quite some time before taking the MCAT, about a year (planning for July 2021). I am trying to start to review now so I am not panicking when the time comes closer. Thank you in advance and any helpful tips are welcome!