Anyone else have this problem with AMCAS?

My AMCAS application is currently on “hold,” and I was wondering if anyone here had been in a similar situation. All 5 of my transcripts were received at AMCAS in mid May. The problem is that at 2 of the schools, I attended twice, once as an undergrad and once as a post-bac. All my grades are listed together on each of the schools’ transcripts. They HAVE all my transcripts. I’ve called AMCAS 4 times, and emailed 5 times. I’ve gotten different responses every single time! They tell me NOT to send in second transcripts from the two schools. Yet my application is on hold because the post-bacc enrollments at those schools are listed as “transcript not received.” It’s ridiculous. One AMCAS person told me to lump the two attendance periods together. Another told me not to, because that would mess up my undergrad and post-bacc status. Another told me to request a transcript exception (but none of the exceptions applies to this kind of situation). Another told me not to worry at all. When I called AMCAS today, all they would say is “well, it looks like someone has already corresponded with you about this.” But they never answered my question, won’t tell me what to do, won’t tell me how long my application will be on hold, etc. It’s driving me crazy!
Does anyone know how to get through to a supervisor there? Or any other strategy for dealing with this?

At this point I would be faxing them a letter detailing your questions in addition to your attempts at resolution. People seem to find it harder to chuck a fax in the garbage over phones & email these days. What you are experienceing would drive me batty…