Anyone going to TUCOM

I just found out Friday I was accepted at TUCOM - though I left feeling rejection was in my future (apparently I am an old man). I have to move my family and figure out how to pay for all of this but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I am overwhelmed, shocked, scared and just a bit nauseous – but I am ready. If there are any other non-traditional students starting in August drop me a line.

Glenn Kunsman RN, MSIS
And now MS1

A hearty congratulations on your acceptance…and get used to that feeling of nausea, it’ll hit you around test time, again and again!

Go to the Pre-Med forums & look at the thread entitled “2009 Acceptances” and you will that you have a lot of company! Each year, OldPreMeds has a progressively larger representation in medical schools all over the country. Take a few moments to introduce yourself and you will find a whole community of people in your shoes, ahead of you on the path & those green w/ envy that you are ahead of them. You are not alone!