Anyone home-free???

Hi, I’ve read a couple of posts from people who just finished up there first, second, and last year of medical school. Congratulations…what an accomplishment! But for those of us just starting out, I was wondering if anyone is just finishing or completed their post-bacc. I realize some of you may still be in finals, but please when and if you are home-free, let us know and share your experiences. Thanks and congratulations in advance!

I’m home free. My post-bacc work is done, I’ve started work on the online application, and I am waiting for my MCAT scores to arrive. After two years of some serious library and textbook time it feels nice to have a little breather.
The order I took my postbacc courses: Gen Chem (year 1), Physics (intervening summer), Orgo and Bio concurrently in year 2. That actually seemed to work out pretty well for me as Physics and Orgo were the more challenging of the four courses. I would not recommend taking those two together if it can be avoided.