Anyone interested in cool OPM stuff?

I dunno if anyone still realizes that OPM has several official OPM items up for sale through our partner To access our showroom, all you have to do is follow the link from the home page. It is in the lower right hand paragraph. I will lobby one of the computer gurus to see if they can make the OPM/CafePress links more prominent.
Anyhow, go by & check it out. There are some very cool items. I have purchased several of them (t-shirt, coffee mug, teddy bear, mousepad) and all look surprisingly. And, this is the ONLY place on the planet that you can purchase the OFFICIAL OPM THONG[/B] mentioned on NHPR!
Oh…and the best part for OldPreMeds - we get a commission off of everything purchased. So, you can buy cool OPM stuff for gifts AND support OPM simultaneously! Miracle of modern tech I tell ya!

I wonder if they make that thong in ole Mikey’s size? Do they have ear muffs? I would need 1 & 1/2 of another…

And just for everyone’s convenience, we’ve added the link to the OldPreMeds store to the top of this page! Shop early and often! Christmas is coming sooner than you think!


As a matter of fact, I wore my “new” OPM t-shirt today to a gathering on my block.
And…I am looking forward to wearing it on campus.