Anyone interested in MFM?

Did anyone go into med school knowing that they were interested in MFM?

If so, I’d be interested in hearing about your class selections and why you are interested in the specialty.

One of the things that took me so long to decide on whether or not I was really going to “go for it” was that I didn’t know what I was going to specialize in.

Of course I know that by the time I get through undergrad (much less med school) my decision may change, but it’s really given me a jumping off point - something to focus on as my goal.

I have 2 older kids, and when I remarried my husband and I wanted children together. After 5 years of trying, one round of IVF, and 2 miscarriages we finally got our wish and had a little boy, and then recently a little girl.

The miscarriages really hit me hard. I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t fix one of the problems (sub-chorionic hematoma) or why they didn’t know what happened with the other (all tests were normal). A friend went through a high-risk pregnancy - in her words, the MFM moved heaven & earth to try and save her baby - but in the end the technology wasn’t enough… but she said that what they learned from her case really pushed the boundaries of current science.

Between those two things, I think I’m headed down the right path. I want to be able to help women (and their families) have the baby of their dreams even against the odds. I know it sounds idealistic and it’s a crazy-hard road filled with daily ups & downs, but it just resonates so strongly for me.

Anyone else?

Moonmaeven, Your post really touched my heart. It sounds to me like you have very good reasons for pursuing MFM, and your future patients will be better off because you have walked down the road of difficult pregnancies and can share in their experiences.

Going into medicine is all about pursuing your passion! That is what will keep you going when challenges arise and sacrifices are called for. Once you are practicing as a physician, loving what you do is what will make every step of the way worth it!

That being said, I am strongly considering MFM–and have been since I began this journey over 5 years ago. Right now, I am only 6 weeks into my 3rd year and am trying to keep an open mind as I go through each of my clerkships. However, something would have to really jump out and grab me to steer me down another path.

About classes that would help you . . . I’m not sure I can answer that. Perhaps taking a class or 2 in genetics or developmental disorders would be interesting. However, you could investigate the field of MFM by shadowing a specialist and learning more about what they do on a daily basis. By doing that, you may find yourself interested in various aspects of an MFM practice and do some research into those topics on your own without the formal classroom. Being a physician is a process of becoming a life-long learner. I learn much more and find the information more meaningful if I search out that knowledge on my own. One topic leads to another and then to another and so on. That is when true learning takes place. I shadowed 3 MFM’s in my first 2 years of medical school. Those were days that were well spent!

Good luck with all of the decisions you will make along the way of becoming a doctor. The best thing to do is just decide if it is really what you want and then, jump in with both feet and start swimming.