Anyone living in Washington, DC?

Hey out there in OPM-land. Any of you live in the DC-metro area? If you do & you are willing & able to assist the conference planning committee - please respond to this e-mail. We are needing some locals to do some groundwork for us. In essence, we want to distribute promotional stuff to post-bacc, Ugrad & med schools in the area.

So, if you are interested in lending a hand, we’d love to hear from you!

As I am a fourth year living the easy-life (finishing my rural rotation followed by a nutrition elective and a psych elective) for the rest of the year and I live up here in Baltimore, let me know what I can do. Feel free to PM me and we can work something out.

A NEWLY MATCHED MS-4 I might add!! I will certainly take you up on this offer…it’d be real nice to hit the programs in the Baltimore region too!

Thanks. I hadn’t thought of it like that. Has a nice ring to it
There are three formal post-baccs (Goucher, Hopkins and Towson University) up in Baltimore in addition to the two medical schools (Maryland and Hopkins). Just let me know…

Hi Dave:
I live in the district, not 5 miles from our hotel, assuming we’re using the same one as last time. I would be delighted to help
I think you have my contact info, if not, please send me a private message, and i’ll send it to you again.

I live in Nothern Virginia, specifically Reston.
I go to GMU (George Mason University)! For sure I do some promoting/ advertising.
Just PM me,

Thanks much to all of you who have replied with offers of assistance. I will be in touch with all of you shortly. There are also a couple of additional people whom I have reached via e-mail. My hope is that y’all can work in coordination to blanket the region with OPM promotional stuff & really make this conference a launching point for OldPreMeds!

That sucks, I just moved out of that area a month ago.

I’m in NOVA as well, if this request still applies, I know I’m reviving the dead here, but I just found this site haha.

  • gooble Said:
I'm in NOVA as well, if this request still applies, I know I'm reviving the dead here, but I just found this site haha.


Welcome to OldPreMeds! This post applied to our 2006 conference held in June of this year. However, we certainly appreciate your interest & I can assure you that when we return to DC, we'd love to have your assistance.

You should seriously consider attending our 2007 conference in Chicago - see pertinent threads above. Again, it will be in June [7~10] at the Westin North Shore. It is going to be awesome!