Anyone starting at Harvard Extension?

Hi everyone,

Just curious if any of you are working on your pre-med requirements at Harvard Extension right now. I’m taking Physics I and Neurobiology this semester, and I have to say, after my first class I’m super excited. Everyone is there for the same reason, and I definitely saw more than a few 30+ faces in the very large crowd.

Interesting note: the prof said that this year’s class was the biggest he’d ever seen–50 students larger, to be exact. Another sign that competition among applicants will keep getting stiffer the longer this economic crisis lingers. (My tough luck I decided to go full-steam ahead right in the middle of it.)

I’m also starting this year, although I did take Bio II with Fixsen last Spring. I’ll also be taking Chem, Neurobio, as well as Physics.

I’m quite excited too! And studying as we speak due to fear of falling behind!

BTW, have they determined where the review and Q & A sessions will be for Neurobio class? I wasn’t present for the first class and will most likely be watching the lectures online, but I’d like to try and make it to some of the more interactive discussion sessions.

Good Luck, should be a fun year.