Anyone thinking about starting WashU's postbacc?

Hi folks! I’m starting to put together my application for WashU (WUSTL)'s postbacc program. This week I’ve talked to one of the program’s advisors, named Shawn Cummings, as well as a recent student. Both were very helpful, down-to-earth, and encouraging.

It’s also the only postbacc I’ve found that is treated as a graduate program for financial aid purposes. I’ve already exhausted my undergrad loan money, so this program is basically my only option for a structured, full-time program.

Plus it’s WashU. My moderately sordid educational past is going to keep me from even applying to their med school, but I’m guessing the name itself looks impressive to adcoms.

I’m still trying to figure out the financial piece, though, which is affecting my timing. (Oh, to have a rich benefactor!) I have a couple of debts to pay off before I stop working. I’d love to start this fall, and I might be able to swing it if I can sell my car. But it would mean living on ramen for a good long while.

I’m waiting to hear back from Mr. Cummings about whether I could start in spring 2013 instead; that would be more financially feasible since I could accumulate some savings.

The downside of waiting is that I’d be putting off my med school applications for a year since none of the initial prereqs (Bio 1, Chem 1, Phys 1) are offered at WUSTL in the spring. Maybe one more year isn’t a big deal, but I just want to get started!! Le sigh.

Anyone have any thoughts about waiting vs. not waiting? And/or is anybody else thinking about WUSTL’s program?

UPDATE: Mr. Cummings said I could apply for the Spring term, so I’m going to do that. They offer a cool 4-credit “Concepts in Chemistry” course in the spring that’s basically pre-chem. It gives an overview of gen chem and organic chem. I think that’ll be great for me (assuming I get in) since I never even had chem in high school.