anyone thinking USUHS or HPSP?

I should dive deeper into the depths of these forums but just wondered if anyone had already posted alot of info on these 2 options for financing medical school via the military.

If you do a search you will find some posts…but the bottom line is that the military is NOT a great option just to “finance” medical school. Military medicine is great IF you really want to serve and be a physician. Doing it mostly for financial reasons will be a big mistake and there are many disgruntled military physicians do to this…BTW, I am not saying this is your case…

I did HPSP for med school (also was accepted to USUHS). Hopefully you can find something useful in some of my old posts. PM me or post if you have any other questions.

But I do second what efex said.


appreciate it and yes I am asking as a newly commissioned Naval Reserve Officer. looking to get a conditional release to transfer into either the HPSP or USUHS plan. tec I believe I had read some of your previous posts… were you the former USMA grad?