Anything I could do

Introduce myself and get more than 0 relies on the board?


It just takes some time for people to respond sometimes. People are reading and thinking “Hi, congrats on your journey, welcome.” I know that, for me, anyway, I just don’t have any words of wisdom yet, so “Hi, congrats on your journey, welcome,” seems not very useful. I’ll say it here, though. Hi! Congrats on your journey! Welcome! Seriously, though, it’s always nice when new people show up, and I’m still pretty new myself!


any single individual can not welcome everybody. Sometime I do it when I can and often I do not, others will. It is just the luck of the draw, how busy everyone is.

Certainly, please keep asking questions and sharing your thoughts/plans with us. I personally learned so much from site and I am always eager to share what I know (when I have time).

This community is wonderful and exceptional. You will see what I mean. Please keep us up to date, even if replies are not immediate. As older folks, you know that between responsibilities and schools, our schedules are overloaded.

A big thank you to both of you! I have a lot to think about. I recently posted a reply setting forth a bit of my thinking about why medicine… Best of luck to both of you. I hope to be back soon, but with more specific questions.

Be patient, we’re not a board of kids who live to post on the internet. Usually kinda slow around here especially since most are working adults, taking classes, and being parents or uncles to premeds of our own.

Hi LGF, welcome and good luck on your journey. Let me know if I can answer any premed related Qs for you. Due to my current schedule, I am not able to check the board often (I just started posting again after several yr hiatus) so msg may work better. I think you bring a lot to the table esp. with your legal experience. As for making this happen, I’m reminded of a quote from The Godfather – “difficult…not impossible.”

Hi! Welcome to OPM. It’s a great resource. If you get a chance to go to the conference I really recommend it.

When schools going on I mainly just skim the forums and only really respond to PM’s. So feel free to PM me with any specific questions, or unspecific questions.