AP Credit on AMCAS

Hi, I was reading through the MSAR on the AMCAS and it says I need high school transcript for college course taken in HS. Do I need to do that if all those AP classes are on my undergrad transcript already? Thanks

I think it means if you took a college course at a college while in high school. I am not positive about this and I look forward to other responses… I was not happy when I found out about this as I took Trig at a junior college while in high school… and got a D.
But I really hope it doesn’t include AP courses… I might be revisiting more bad grades than I thought… I really don’t think so, though.

I am not AMCAS and so do NOT take this as official. But if you took a high school AP course and received college credit, I know you’re told in high school that it is the equivalent of a college course AND you can get college credit, but it is not a college course.
When you get credit on your college transcript for an AP course, it conventionally will be the credits only - no grade. It can’t be factored into your GPA.
Now, if you are using AP credits to “place out” of prerequisites for med school - it IS sometimes possible to do this with chemistry, biology or physics - you would be well-advised to be sure to take further courses in that particular discipline. You need to have actual grades, not just credits, in each of the “BCPM” areas.
Hope that helps.