Applicant with Community College Science Credit?

Hi everyone! I’m a senior in undergrad. at a 4 year university applying this cycle. I feel pretty good about my application overall but I did end up taking Physics 1 and 2 (got A’s in both) at my local community college as opposed to my 4 year university during this past academic year because of scheduling conflicts, and transferred the credits over to my institution. I work part-time as a medical scribe and my school did not offer any physics classes that worked with my work schedule, so I took the courses at CC because of the flexibility they offered. I know now this is consistently advised against because it seems like applicants are taking the easy way out, but at the time, I really valued the clinical experience I was getting as a medical scribe and didn’t want to give that up if I didn’t have to. However, if physics was offered at my home institution during class times that allowed me to continue scribing, I never even would’ve considered CC.

Now, I’m wondering what I should do. Should I take another (introductory level) physics course offered at my 4 year university during my final year as an undergraduate, to show that I have the ability to take physics at that level instead of the community college level? I have room as far as credits go to add it, but I’m just not sure if this would make a difference? Also, for secondaries, sometimes there’s a prompt asking if there’s anything else you’d like the admissions committee to know. Should I add this clarification to my application, letting them know my reasoning for taking the courses at CC? Or should I just leave it unsaid? I’m not really sure how to go about this, and don’t know if mentioning my reasoning for taking physics at CC will be looked down upon by admissions committees.