Application and Resource Links: AMCAS/MD

MSAR should be considered the text book for applying to allopathic medical school.

AMCAS Instructions for 2016 should be considered the outline for what will be on the final exam to get into medical school.

AMCAS FAQ can give you quick accurate answers to dates, deadlines, processing, etc

AMCAS Resources includes links to tips, guides, course classification and series of quick tutorials that accurately answer “how to” on several areas

AACOMAS new applications system

AACOMAS Instructions ][/url][/u][/b]

DO school Deadlines

Osteopathic College Information Book. Free Download and should be considered required reading for all DO applicants

Thank you for all the information! I’ve been lurking on SDN looking for AACOMAS info prior to the opening today and your “keep calm and patient” statements really helped me out!

Thank you!