Application Cycle & Application Questions

Hello Dr. Gray and fellow OPMs,

I am having trouble determining whether I should be applying this cycle (2021-2022), or whether I should hold off until the next one.

I graduated in 2018 with a 2.685 GPA. Clearly, undergrad did not go as planned for many reasons. I decided to take some time off from school and instead, focused my energy on gaining clinical exposure to truly re-affirm to myself that I indeed am on the right path.

I was incredibly lucky to gain a job opportunity as a Clinical Research Coordinator in Migraine Medicine.

In this position, I have direct patient interaction that range from collecting vitals, collecting patient history, conducting ECGs, to preparing blood samples and completing patient visits for clinical studies. I have been working full time in this capacity for the past 2 years and have gained much experience, not only about medicine in general, but also about patient care by the means of building long-term relationships with patients.

I have had quite some time to re-assess my journey and had applied to a Master’s of Neuroscience program. I recently received an acceptance to the program and am currently gearing up to starting graduate school in February.

The program consists of 4 semesters, however it may be completed in 3. In other words, I may finish this program by Spring '22, or latest, by Fall '22.

I have not taken the MCAT yet. I recently started preparing for it, and was aiming to take it by the end of March/April.

Prior to my job as a CRC in Migraine Medicine, I have had another research experience, worked in the call center at the same neurologic facility I am currently working at, while attending talks & lectures held by various Physician’s in gaining exposure to different branches of medicine.

Given all of this, I am wondering whether I should be applying to schools this cycle, or whether it is advisable to hold off until the next, after I have completed my entire grad program?

What would be the right time (apart from being ready for it) to take the MCAT, in this situation?

If I am to apply this cycle, I was very keen on subscribing to your Application Academy, however, before I did that I wanted to determine which cycle I should aim for.

Apologies for a rather lengthy post! Any response at all is greatly appreciated!


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I’m not an ADCOM, but with my experience reading forums and other sources, you should not apply to medical school this cycle. You are in need of GPA repair prior to applying (even if you get a high MCAT). Most of the schools you apply to will automatically put your application in the shredder (if they screen). Your masters program is unlikely to help you in your situation. I’d do undergraduate - upper division courses or an SMP (not your MS, Neuroscience).