application timeline?

I would like to apply for the 2008 cycle. I have completed my Bio and Chem prereqs, but still need Organic and Physics I & II. I can’t find a way to complete them any sooner other than the January and summer semester of 07. All prereqs will be completed by July 07. Is 2008 logical and possible? Any suggestions on when to take the MCAT? Thanks in advance.

You can still apply with some prereqs remaining to complete… get the best grades possible…

While it is possible to apply without your prereqs completed, your application had better be DAMN good for it to be considered pending completion of those prereqs. If you’re one of those OPMs who did a lot of premed stuff during your first go-round in undergrad, and did well – but just for whatever reason didn’t go through with it – then you are probably OK. If your original undergrad major was basket weaving and your post-bacc work is your first serious science stuff, applying without completed pre-reqs is probably a bad idea because there are so few credits to be scrutinized.

JC, you indicated you’d have the prereqs done July 2007. You can apply as soon as your grades are in from that semester, for Fall 2008. My own opinion - worth every penny you paid for it - is that your best option is to apply on completion of your prereqs.


Based on your post, I assume I would not be at a disadvantage applying for the 08 application cycle if all prereqs were completed by July 07. I also read on the MCAT forum that starting January 07 the test would be computer based and administered 22 times per year.

JC, Many students apply prior to having all of the pre-reqs completed. (Think of juniors in college who apply in June and still have some pre-reqs to finish up in their senior year.) HOWEVER, you don’t want to take the MCAT if you haven’t finished up the pre-req coursework (MCAT doesn’t test on lab material).

You can still apply in July 07, but if it drags into Aug 07, you might want to think about submitting your application prior to the posting of summer term grades.

Also, you CAN apply without having yet taken the MCAT. (A common misconception is that you cannot apply until after you have taken the MCAT.)