applied but never sent MCAT score

Hello I’ve been around in this forum for several years. I finally had a chance to apply osteopathic school last year but it was before the MCAT score was released. I applied med school in June of last year before I even took the MCAT. I took the Aug MCAT of last year but something went horribly wrong that I ended up getting a really bad score. REALLY BAD. I got 8 on PS without finishing 1/3 of the problem and 3 on verbal… and don’t want to even talk about Bio section.

There was no way for me to get an acceptance to medical school for the entering year 2005. Everything was ready but the MCAT score. Med schools only needed my MCAT score. But I was too embarrassed to send the score. I got so frustruated with the result even though I put my best effort. Anyhow I tried to forget about everything and did not send the score.

A couple of month later after the MCAT result, I went overseas and taught SAT II chemistry at the Princeton Review in Korea for a month and then I spent another month there working as a private tutor.

Basically I went to my country to enjoy, meet my old friends and to relieve all the stress from school work and med school preparation .

I really needed some break. Now I’m back here in the U.S. trying to make a decision as to whether I should re-apply med school or just go to PA school. Just because I want to practice medicine, doesn’t mean I have to go to medical school… My parents are driving me nuts these days. They are like “you’re almost 30 and you should start making money right now and settle down. and stop having delusions about getting into med school. you’re wasting time and money” I replied “what about the oldpremeds? some are older than I am” My parents said that they are different that these Americans have been working all along saving some money for education or buying a house or at least married with kids and happy ever after… so all they need is their career that gives them 100% satisfaction and… I haven’t and that I am also in debt with a handicap of having English as a second language.

I’ve never had a real job and back of my mind is telling me that I should just get a job and settle down asap. But I don’t know… On second thoughts, I just can’t simply give up on it. I only took MCAT once. But then if I re-apply med school next year I might have to take the pre-req. again. It’s getting really old. some almost 8 years… I can’t afford to take all these classes.

Sorry about rambling… Back to the subject… If I take the MCAT for the second time and re-apply med school again next year, would that raise a red-flag on my application based on what I’ve done last year not being able complete my application by failing to send the MCAT score? Please help.

I would really appreciate it.

I don’t have anything to say about the MCAT and application issues…haven’t been there yet.
But I did want to say that your parents have some funny ideas about what a non-trad is. Sure some, maybe even most, non-trads had a different career first, or marriage and kids, but not all. I’m 30 yo. Worked full-time for 4 years in retail between my first attempts at college and my current attempt. I still have a minimum of 3 years of undergrad left (maybe more since I’m going to have to pay for the rest of my education without any loans at all). And I’ll probably have to do a master’s as well. I’ve never had a “real” job either, have no savings, too much debt, live on-campus, and have struggled all along financially to pursue my goals.
Would my life be easier if I settled for some full-time office job (maybe even a tech job at a hospital that needs minimum training to get started on)? Sure…but I would be more miserable than I am now constantly worrying about money because not only would I have given up on getting a degree, but my goals of becoming a professional (in this case a doctor, but I think I’d be ok in other professional positions as well). I think that’s the key. We all have doubts and want to give up at some point, but you’re so close. All you have to do is overcome the MCAT beast. If you give up now you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. The question - could I have made it - will always be there. At least I know that’s what it would be like for me.
As far as the whole expense of retaking prereqs, take them slow - if you need them, work to save the money you’ll need for them (not easy i know, but worth it), if you qualified for federal loans for your undergrad you probably still have some money available to take out that way as well so use it to your advantage, and stick with it. If I’ve learned anything in my 30 years on this planet it’s to be persistent, and that when there’s a will there IS a way.
Good luck!

Hi, I’m now in Med school at 41, and find it hard and exciting. It’s waht I wanted to do so my wife and kid came with me. I don’t think 30 is too old to start med school. Did you take the MCAT prep courses and or work through the review books? They may help. Take the MCAT again but only after taking some mock tests and doing well. Look at med schools offshore if all else fails. Don’t give up if it is really what you want.

I am pretty sure that lots of people take the MCAT, are disappointed with the results, and don’t follow through on applications. Why worry about it? That chapter is over - if you want to apply to med school, you’re going to have to take the MCAT again and apply, so there’s nothing you can do about this past experience. But I don’t think it’s any sort of “red flag.” If asked, you just answer honestly, “I applied through AMCAS expecting to do so much better on the MCAT. When I got my scores, it was so disappointing that I just dropped it.” Ideally you would’ve actually formally withdrawn your applications but I am very sure that most candidates do not do that.
I hope this doesn’t sound dismissive of your concern, as that is not my intention. My point is you can’t change the past, and you certainly shouldn’t let your future be decided by a series of what-ifs concerning stuff that happened a year ago.

Hi there,
Why not do both? That is apply to PA school, go through the program and then apply to medical school if you find that being a PA is not for you. The prereqs for PA are the same as medical school and if you are a PA, you have a skill that can translate into money during holidays and summer vacations while you are medical school. There are plenty of people who were PAs before going to medical school so this should not be an all-or-nothing approach to what you end up doing.
You may equally find that being a PA is very fulfilling and medical school is really not what you wanted at all. In short, being a PA does not close the door to eventually becoming a physician.
Good luck!