Apply early but submit MCAT score and prereq transcripts late

I am wondering if it is advisable for me to apply in the 2023 cycle given that, while I can initiate the application process early in the cycle (05/2023), I very likely won’t be able to fully complete my application with an MCAT score and all of the prerequisites until the end of the cycle.

Here is my situation if I were to apply in 2023. I am a non-traditional applicant and will complete my bachelor’s in the spring of 2023. Immediately after that, I will work on finishing my medical school prerequisites, which will take 9-12 months, while concurrently preparing for the MCAT. I will finish my prerequisites close to the end of the 2023 application cycle. While finishing my prerequisites, I would take the MCAT in September 2023 and the score would be released in October 2023. This is the scenario I anticipate for the 2023 application cycle given that it won’t be feasible to start studying for the MCAT any earlier, not only because I won’t have started my prerequisites, but also because I will be busy finishing my bachelor’s, working full-time, and launching an education technology startup.

So although I can begin my application early in May of 2023 but won’t be able to complete it until much later in the application cycle, is it worth trying to apply in the 2023 cycle? Will my application even be considered at all until it is complete with an MCAT score and prerequisites? Or is applying in 2023 basically pointless given that I would not be able to submit an MCAT score and my complete transcripts until close to the end of the cycle? Will submitting an MCAT score and complete transcripts towards the end of the cycle doom my application? Would I be better off planning to apply in 2024?

Or is it possible to mitigate the negative impact of what I’ve described by letting the admissions committee know ahead of time that I am applying under these conditions? Delaying my application until 2024 wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I’d prefer to enter medical school sooner than later.

For further context, I will be applying only to DO schools and can demonstrate an earnest, long-time interest in osteopathy. I am hoping that that will strengthen my application, despite a late completion date for my application.

I hope that was clear. Thank you!

From my experience, schools will not look at your application until after everything is submitted. I may have heard that the DO cycle ends a little later than MD. However, I would wait another year and submit early in the following cycle. The risk is greater than the cost-benefit.