Applying DO - looking for essay critiquer

I am apply to DO schools and I was wondering if someone could critique my essay for the general application (not secondary stuff).
I would prefer to show my essay to someone who is already accepted to DO preferably… just for various reasons.

No longer a DO-student, but a real, bona-fide DO!! Would be happy to give you a critique - just understand that I am an intern & it may take several days to accomplish.
Send it to

Just beginning my first year here at WVSOM in 4 days. I'd be glad to critique your essay. Email it to me at and I'll try to check it out this weekend!
Good luck with your applications!

Admitted to COMP and LECOM - entering COMP. Would be happy to read your essay.
Gotta have something to do during those 3AM feedings!
- Tae