Applying Early Decision at KU, can I still apply DO?

AS the title says I’m considering applying early decision this year at KU med school. I understand that this means I can’t apply to other MD schools, but does this effect my eligibility for Allopathic schools?

Whether they would know or not is beyond me, but I would assume you would have to agree to abide by their rules when you click submit for EDP. Most organizations don’t like finding out that you violated rules that you agreed to…

Per AMCAS, you can only apply to 1 US medical school (does not specify MD/DO) if you’re applying for EDP. It further stipulates that the regulations they have regarding EDP apply to AMCAS and non-AMCAS schools. It’s not fully clear if “non-AMCAS” means US MD schools that have their own application services (ie texas schools) or if it means all other US medical schools (MD + DO).

Finding out Oct 1 if you can apply to other schools isn’t the end of the world for DO applications. It is kind of late for MD applications. Do you feel like you are a strong enough candidate to go all in before the flop? If so, then EDP is probably for you. You won’t necessarily increase your chances of getting into KU via EDP if you aren’t a highly competitive candidate, and they have the option of deferring your application to the at-large pool.