applying to a particular school

Any of who applied or thinking about applying to the University of Miami in Florida? If yes, how has it been. I am very interested in that school and would like to hear any experience some of you may have had or have heard. thanks.

I tried searching for “University of Miami” (be sure to put the search term in quotes) for any discussion in the past year and didn’t find anything particularly relevant. A long time ago I heard of someone who got into U. of Miami and she was in her late thirties, I believe; her initial college experience was also as a non-traditional student and I do recall that she didn’t have any “bad old” grades to make up for. That’s all I know, though - it’s not someone I’m in touch with or even know how to contact, sorry. But it does demonstrate that U. Miami was receptive to at least one non-trad student at one time - so take that data point FWIW.

I will be attending UM med school starting this August. They are very receptive of nontraditional applicants. I am a 34-year-old and if you want to know more specifics about my background, let me know.