Applying to in-state vs out of state schools

What’s the best way to narrow down locations on my school list?

I am from Colorado, did my undergraduate and graduate education there, and my whole family still lives there as well. After grad school, I moved to Florida and have been here for the past 3 years doing clinical research. Colorado only has one MD school and Florida has 8 so both states are top of my list due to the ties that I have.

Do medical schools only focus on residency or do they factor in how long you’ve been in that location? Technically I’m still a Colorado resident but I don’t want my chances of Florida schools being affected because of this since I’ve invested so much time in Florida.

Also, Dr. Gray mentions not applying to out of state schools unless you have “strong ties” to that state. How are we able to show these strong ties? Will they see it in my ECs when I list my work in Florida? Will I be able to talk about it during secondaries? Or should I mention it in my personal statement?

Please advise!