Applying to Med School: Making Your List of Schools

For those of you getting ready to launch into the application cycle, I thought it would be helpful to provide a list of elements to consider when compiling a list of schools to apply to. Putting together a list of schools is sometimes challenging for applicants and there are many things that should be considered. I’ve distilled it into the most important, based on my experience guiding students through the med school application process, knowing the various med schools across the country well, and seeing applicants’ results, etc. Here is the list. These are not in order and the relative importance will vary according to an individual’s circumstances/goals:

  1. State Residence

  2. Curriculum

  3. Grading

  4. Status/ranking

  5. Location, environment, support network

  6. Chances of Admission

    If you want more details you can read the blog post I wrote on this issue. Contact me if you have questions about your particular circumstances, etc.

    Good luck to all of you getting ready to apply!