Applying to med school with only virtual clinical experience due to the pandemic? Will this affect my admission?

I am planning on applying to medical school so I can start my medical journey Fall of 2023, yet I have very little research and no face-to-face shadowing/clinical experience yet. I am currently virtually shadowing doctors due to the pandemic, yet I know that online does not accurately reflect face-to-face experiences with patients in a real clinical setting, nor does it replace shadowing a doctor in real life.

With that being said, would my chances of being accepted decrease dramatically if I only get a few months of real clinical experience (considering the pandemic does not go away any time soon) ? My GPA is really high and I plan on taking the MCAT spring of 2022, but I am worried about how medical schools may perceive lack of experience because of COVID.

Thanks in advance.

Im not an ADCOM but if I was one, I’d question why you don’t have ANY clinical experience within the next 2 years. Since you’re applying to start in Fall 2023, You still have all of 2021 and half of 2022 to get some clinical experience (you have time on you side).

In my eyes, it would raise a question on your application. Good luck!