Applying to Medicine as an Metis Woman

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I’m writing from Canada so I’m not sure how this question relates to those from the States, but I’m a Metis woman and am planning to apply to medicine this year. I am a nontraditional applicant as I have a Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing -which in itself adds some complexity to my application both positive and negative. In Canada there are affirmative action policies in place in many universities to address the underrepresentation of Indigenous doctors. Personally, I am very glad this is in place as I see the great need for Indigenous representation in medicine. I haven’t seen any forums on this topic. Is this the same case in the States? I’m hoping to gain some perspective on applying as an Indigenous applicant. Any other Indigenous applicants on this forum? Any knowledge that can be gleaned from Dr Gray?

Many thanks for your time!


Hi! Thank you for your question! Dr. Gray covered this on the podcast in Session #158! We hope we answered your questions about affirmative action and if it is in place in the US. If you have any other questions please feel free to post in the forum again.

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