Applying w/ a PharmD but no bachelors

So I figure theres others out there who completed a professional program that did not require an undergraduate degree.

How does that work with applying to med school?

My story:

I did 3 years undergrad, with a change of major after freshman year (undeclared to biology). Freshman grades…not too hot. But theres no science classes in there, its sociology, history, a religion course… Leaving out freshman year (I actually transferred schools) my GPA is a 3.884 with a science GPA of 3.903. Including freshman year its 3.441. HOWEVER, I started pharmacy school after my junior year… All my sciences from there on out are the pharmacy version of their normal counterparts (i.e. physiology undergrad is ‘pathophysiology and pharmacology’). My pharm school is 3 years in class, 1 year experiential. My GPA the first 3 years is a 3.19, upon graduation it will be a 3.365. Our first year we had a pharmaceutical biochemistry class and a micro/immunology class that I got C’s in.

I intend on sending my full application in June 2018 (MCAT on June 1st). I am considering taking a summer microbiology class just to show that I’m a better student now than then (I am). However are you able to send transcripts over twice if the application is already sent? Is that even worth it?

So it comes down to:

Will they accept the PharmD in lieu of a bachelor? (probably)

How will they assess my undergrad / science GPA? (3 years then pharmd)

If sending applications as early as possible, can/should I take an upper level science and re-release an updated transcript later in the summer?

Thanks guys!

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