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Due to unforeseen circumstances in my past, I have a mess. My undergrad gpa was a 2.70. I have since taken all of the preqs over in the last 5 years with A’s. I am preparing for the MCAT, to hopefully take in September. I have faith in myself to do the work but, it’s the age thing. I feel that at this point med schools will reject me due to age.
I have been working in all of the different areas of nursing to put my family through school and now it’s my turn. I am afraid it might be way too late for me. Do ADCOMS dismiss applications due to the age of the applicant?

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Very simple answer: No.

Thank you for replying!

Lucy! Welcome back. I’ve been on this path (on and off) for almost 10 years now. I’m in my last semester of premed post bacc now finally after having been blown off course due to my own injury and illness as well as that of my family multiple times. Most awfully this included a stage 4 diagnosis, paralysis and the eventual death of my late fiancé in 2018. I took a leave of absence for a couple of years but came back in fall 2019. It’s been a hard road but I’m still here and so are you! Congratulations!

Your determination in continuing despite everything is a measure of grit, it’s a metric that is rare and valuable.

Wishing you much success!

Thank you Queen of spades!!! I truly appreciate the encouragement and wish you the best as well!!!