Appropriate to ask the schools?

Hi all,

My question is whether or not it is appropriate to contact several of the medical schools I would be interested in applying to about accepting pre-reqs from community colleges?

Also, who at these schools should I be looking to contact?


Yes, it is perfectly appropriate to contact the medical schools (in fact, I highly encourage it). The place to start is the admissions office. They should be able to answer your question or direct you to the appropriate person.

Responding to your question. You can start by asking the admission person to the medical school and ask them your question. I found out they are really helpful in trying to clarify any question you have. Alos if you can find the post that I posted with various MD and DO school. look for my post on 04-09-10 and you can see the responses from the school i contact. Hope this helps you.

Any time you have a question of a specific nature for a specific med school, it’s always better to “go right to the horse’s mouth.”