April MCAT - Good Luck!

Good luck to everyone taking the MCAT this Saturday!! And remember that good advice about exams…get a good night’s sleep on Friday night. :slight_smile:

My good wishes to you all as well. And a couple more ideas that helped me. First, don’t talk about the exam before you start or during breaks. Find a quiet place and meditate. Second, take a pillow along to either sit on or put behind your back. Those chairs are REALLY uncomfortable after the first couple of hours.
Good luck!

Good luck to everyone!
One piece of advice to add to Judy’s… it is often hard to sleep before the exam, especially if you’re trying to. So make sure you get a good night’s sleep tonight so if worst case and you can’t sleep Friday night, at least you won’t be totally sleep deprived. I didn’t sleep much-- maybe two hours-- on the night before USMLE Step 1, but I didn’t let it bother me because I knew I had good sleep the night before.
Try to relax tomorrow, enjoy the day. I’m sure everyone will do fine.