WHEEEEEEEE! It was pretty easy except in the places where it was hard. I kept a good attitude up until the last few minutes of the last section. I was reviewing my guesses and changing a few, when I suddenly thought, "You changed too many answers and screwed up the whole thing and you probably cost yourself two or three points and the only good part about it is you’ll never see the answers and know what you did wrong!!!"
Later sanity returned and I realized I reviewed a lot of answers but changed no more than 4, some of them back to my first guess.
They really try to wear you down, don’t they?
I have free time now! I feel this strange urge to vacuum my miniblinds…

Wooo-hoooo! I’ve been thinking of you and the other MCAT contenders all day and hoping for good things. I hoisted a (very good) beer in your general direction about an hour ago, didja feel the love?
Now back to y’all’s previously scheduled lives. Put the MCAT OUT OF YOUR HEAD for the next several weeks. Pretty soon you will be flipping the calendar to June and it will be very, very hard to think of anything else. But in the meantime there are lots of productive AND unproductive things you could be doing. The MCAT is history! Yeeeee-haaaawwww!