April or August

Hi everyone! I am 96% sure that I will be attending UHH beginning in May to take my science and math pre-med coursework. By beginning in May, I will not have completed all my coursework prior to April to take the MCAT in April. I will need to take O-Chem in the summer yet.
My question is should I take the exam in August and then pick up additional courses the following year as I await word as to whether I have been accepted to any med programs? Or should I wait and take the test the following April, which puts me a full year behind (I think it does anyway)?
I will be 34 in August and would like to move forth into med school as soon as possible, but I also want to be sure that I will be prepared for the MCAT.
Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
PS Almost all the snow on my deck is melted here in Rochester, Minnesota–guess it’s time for another snowstorm!!

Hi Larry,
I would take all the required courses prior to taking the MCAT - I did not, I was lacking two courses when I took the Aug MCAT, and it hurt me pretty bad - and it’s the reason I’m sure I did not get into my state school. I took the test anyway because I would have had to wait another year to apply. I’m as old as dirt and wanted to get moving - plus I had to get back to work.
Saying that, I got into three of my top five schools, and am an alternate at another one, with interviews still pending. I’ve been blessed, but I would not recommend others to follow my path.