April vs. August MCAT

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some insight from folks who have been through the MCAT and application processes. I am deciding between the April and the August MCAT. I am currently taking the second semester of Organic Chemistry and Physics both with labs. I could begin MCAT classes on Feb. 13th and take the MCAT in late April, but I’m leaning towards taking the July or August MCAT as I think I will (1) do better in my courses this semester if I am concentrating only on schoolwork and (2) recieve a higher MCAT score if my only focus in June and July is MCAT prep. Is it a large disadvantage to take the August MCAT in terms of applications? Any insight is much appreciated. Thank you.

I’d go with the August MCAT hands down! You do not want to risk doing less than your best in either classes or on the MCAT. As far as applications go, your August test will be just fine.

August is pretty late, this would put your application 3 months behind the June 1 applicants. I would take it as early as you can while getting hopefully a 31+ and doing well in Ochem and Physics. The last best time to take it is late June. Every test later than that will put you that much further behind the rest of the applicant pool. You have to strike the right balance between timeliness and performance, they are both important. Only you can estimate how much time you need to prepare though. How have you done in the prereq courses? If you have done well, you might be able to get away with 4wks of FULL time MCAT prep. It’s basically just review and learning how to apply your knowledge to MCAT type questions.

Also, don’t wait until after you take the MCAT to turn in your application. It takes a few weeks for them to verify your application, and then they will just be waiting for your MCAT scores. I even got secondaries from a few schools before my MCAT score was submitted.