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How cool to find this site. I am a 28 year old sophomore pre-med student. That’s weird enough since all my classmates are ohhh around 19-21 but I am actually majoring in Exercise Science, not the traditional Bio major. Anyways, it’s so cool to find a site that is for us non-trad students. The funny thing is, as intimidating as being a 28 yr old pre-med can be I still get excited all the time, Like Oh wow I’m gonna be a doctor…if I just keep my head on straight unlike the things I have done in t he past lol. I used to think I was horrible at science because some horrible sixth grade teahcer told me so, no I can tackle bio and chem with the best of them!

Hey There,
Welcome! It’s nice to finally have a fellow Ex Sci person on the board. I went for both a BS and MS. I love Ex Sci especially physiology and felt like there was so much hands on with people that it will serve as an advantage. It can be tricky convincing adcoms of that but in the long run I believe it will help. Good luck with everything.

Welcome bodyworks! Glad you found the forum. There are many people going through a similar situation as yours, so hang in there!
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Welcome to the site! When I finally went back to school for my premed requirements, I was also convinced I was bad at science. Not quite sure where I got that, although my first semester of college as a biology major ended with around a 2.0 GPA. Anyway, just focus on your passion for science and it’ll get you through the rough spots. And if you have trouble, just get a tutor or talk to the teacher during office hours. It definately helps. Good luck!

hey, welcome! this place is great. you’ll get lots of help, advice and encouragement along the way.
i know what you mean about feeling you can’t do something well… when i was in 8th grade, on the first day of school, my math teacher (who also taught my older sister) said to me - and i quote - “you are only in 8th grade math? your sister was in my sequential II math class in 8th grade. what, you aren’t as smart as her?”
<> i was floored and from there on in, i was convinced i was a math idiot. well, it took many many years to get over that. i finally took calculus I over the summer two years ago, and guess what. i got an A! i still don’t think i am very good at math, but i no longer think i can’t do it. and my sister… well, i tease her that she’s like that rain man character… she’s the type that can multiply two 6 digit numbers in her head. so, i’ve learned she’s an exception, not a rule.
well, ok, that turned into a little vent. sorry about that! anyways, good luck to you and hope to see you around!

LOL thanks for the welcome everyone. It’s nice to find people in similar situations and even people with similar history, I don’t feel like I’m the only one taking on the world anymore.

I too get excited thinking that at the end of the road I’ll have a degree, and hopefully go on to med school. It is an accomplishment for the older crowd to go back or start school. You will be 39 whether you are in school or not, a doctor or not! So, I say go for it.
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