Around 40 and going for an MD-PhD????

I will be applying for 2005 and will be 41 then. I am thinking of MD-PhD [MSTP] as I am research oriented. I hold two MS degrees in engineering [EE, ME, major biomedical engineering] I have done some research work in bio-engineering. I am interested in neuroimaging. I think MSTP will give me opportunity to do research work in this area.
However, MD-PhD takes around 7 yrs.
Is there anyone who is around my age and trying for MSTP?
Do you know of anyone who has started this program around this age?
Your response will really help me.
thanks for the support!

Hi Fonzy:
I’ve applied to two MSTP programs this cycle at the decrepit age of 41. Although I spent much time in life-science research, biostatistics and bioinformatics are the things that “float my boat”. Most MSTP programs are geared to the life scientists, particularly the ones funded by the NIH. As you know, NIH funding adds a LOT to an MD/PhD program, so I limited my applications to those. On the other hand, these programs are the most competitive.
I was rejected by Michigan before an interview, but I’m still in the running at Iowa. Most of the traditional students say an older student doesn’t have a chance at the MD/PhD programs, but IMO, if your previous career was a technical one, and you want to use it in your research, you are a very viable candidate.
You should check out the pathway at Harvard that integrates with MIT. It looks very cool. You must take calc-based physics, though, which I did not. Rats.
This path requires about two years of major planning, so you are starting at a perfect time. Later this year, call and talk to the staff at programs in which you are interested. Most of them have a specific person that functions as the MD/PhD liason, and he/she is usually a terrific resource.
Hope this helps. Good luck.
Susan - Chicago

Ow!!! Just read the replies to your post on SDN.
“Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.” PJ O’Rourke
Age, experience and skill are even more potent. 20 years is plenty of time to win a Nobel prize - especially if you hit the ground running.
“Gotta buy a ticket to win.” Illinois Lottery.
What do you lose if you try?
Susan - Chicago