Associates Degree Nurse, Unsure of if i should do BSN or other bachelors?

Just a quick backstory, I’m a 21 year old nurse working in a busy ER. I began my venture into the medical field as an EMT when i was 17. I started an ADN (Associates Degree in Science of Nursing) immediately after high school. I’ve been working as a nurse for about a year, currently taking some pre-req classes at my local community college. In working with and talking to a wide variety of Physicians(MD and DO) PA’s, and NP’s, I decided very quickly that medical school is the path i want to pursue.

I plan on taking the lower level science pre-reqs at my local community college and then taking my upper level sciences at a state college roughly an hour from me. My uncertainty at this point is whether I should simply set my schedule for the bachelor’s degree that I can obtain the fastest, or if i should do the BSN (can be done totally online, so less time away from home/work) while satisfying my science pre-reqs in an in person lecture setting. There is potential for both options to have roughly the same timeline. I have a daughter who will be making her appearance into this world in about a month, so cutting down work hours isn’t really an option at this point in time.

Senior BSN student turn pre-med here. I highly recommend you avoid BSN programs, as they are one of the lower-spectrum GPA degrees d/t how wishy-washy the questions are, but as an ADN student I’m sure you know that (thankfully, I’ve grinded out a 3.9). If you feel comfortable doing a different degree, I would recommend that more, unless you feel extremely confident in your “nursing-question answering” (not how good of a nurse you are). I highly (highly) recommend “taking” each pre-req class (genchem, bio, ochem, physics, biochem) online via Khan Academy or YouTube playlists (my favorite have been leah4sci and TheOrganicChemistyTutor) before you actually take the class. This saves countless hours of stress and hardship for your future self.

I do want to say, however, that I got great ECs from my BSN program from VP of student council to nursing lead at my local clinic. Only thing I missed out on was research, which I am pushing for in my gap year.

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