At-Home Dialysis as Clinical Experience?

Hello all,

As part of my job of “being a good kid to sick parents,” I have to do some rather technical work in the administration of at-home hemodialysis for my father, who has CKD Stage 6.

I can plainly see run-of-the-mill caregiving isn’t clinical experience for the sake of medical school apps, but this job of mine left me scratching my head a little. What does everyone here think - clinical, or not so much?

Clinical aspects: had to be trained for about 2 months in proper technique in order to administer at-home HD, have to intervene in acute situations (such as BP drop-out, etc.), and am generally doing the work of a dialysis nurse. Wasn’t required to take on this job, but did so to help make my dad’s life a little easier (vs. “obligation”)

Non-clinical aspects: home setting, only one patient (my dad) - not exactly branching into the “caring for total strangers” category.

Thanks for reading, let me know what y’all think!

  • trombone-premed