To better serve our OPM members, we are asking that you please take a minute to tell us where you live.
If you live in Canada or Mexico please choose the closest state that borders your province.

I think it will be very interesting to see learn what the geographic distribution of our members is.

Raleigh, NC

OMD - did you get my email? My system has been burping lately?..

Yes I did - just have not time to respond. I promise that I will though.

Negative perspiration…

Can someone tell me what time the conference will begin on Thursday? I am registered, but I don’t have a schedule of events. From what I have been reading in the posts, I don’t want to miss anything.

That info is posted in the 2004 Conference info forum

Here is the link for the conference schedule, see you there!

This will be very helpful information in helping plan future OPM conferences as well. Highly populated areas make for good attendance.
Kathy (in one of those areas )

I noticed that California is running 2nd only behind texas for location. HINT! HINT! I know california’s expensive, but even somewhere like Vegas, Portland, or even Arizona would be more accessible to the west coasters

Unfortunately, as we learned, Vegas is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive & not even slightly interested in talking to you unless you can guarantee large numbers & have a large budget. However, I wholeheartedly agree that a venue on the left coast is in order…again, expenses must be accounted for though. Who knows? We’ve not yet set the host city for 2006?

Why not Salt lake or Phe-honix, oh sorry Pheonix.
(too much TV I guess)