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rgreene5 - Houston, TX.

I seem to recall a “Ron Greene” from the Houston area who used to be fairly active in OPM, but faded away a couple of years back. Would that be you?

If yes, welcome back!

If no, then welcome to OPM!

I currently live in Bradenton, Florida (transplant from Long Island, NY). I’m 42 and have been always drawn towards medicine (currently work at one of the hospitals as a Health Unit Coordinator/Monitor tech). For quite a while I had thought of going to nursing school, but even despite numerous times applying and being accepted, it is medical school and not nursing school that I want to go. I’ve got my associates degree, but I still need to work on my bachelors. If things work out, I would hope to apply for Fall 2009.

My question is this…how do medical schools look at bachelors degrees done online? I am looking at the University of Maryland. I would of course finished my science prereqs on campus.

Also, how does one start a thread?