Audio CD's... anyone here using them?

I’m wondering if anyone has used audio CD’s for studying… there’s several different offerings out there on e-bay and I thought they might be good to listen to in the car, but only if they’re good. So has anyone here tried these? Which ones? And what’s the quality of info like? Thanks!

Hi, Mary. I used the Goljan CDs when preparing for Step One. I drive a little over an hour each way to school and this was a good way for me to get in some review. I found the content to be pretty high yield.
Hope this helps,
Bill Fredette
Albany Medical College

i second the Goljan stuff. I got his Patho book and Biochem book because wach also come with CD’s and you can never do too many questions.
I also have Kaplan Web prep as well. THe Micro guy is Dr. Dunn and he was here teaching last time around for them. If you can get it, its worth listening too.

Be careful on ebay - I bought what was supposed to be the Audio Osmosis Cd’s…what I got was all 12 Cd’s copied onto 2 cd’s which was can only be used in the computer. Make sure to ask if they are original CD’s.

Thanks everyone, that helps!

Goljan came to KCOM & did our Step 1 prep course. The in-person course was met w/ mixed reviews, as would be expected, ranging from awesome to a waste of time. Personally, I found it worth investing time in, but not to the exclusion of other solo & partnered study.

Tammy - I’m not too techincal, but if they are in mp3 format you can convert them into normal CD format and burn CDs that you can use in any CD player. I know you have to have some software for this though…

If you contact ExamKrackers (1-800-krack’em) they’ll sometimes make good on the CDs if you’ll give them contact info for the person who sold you the copies.

Really! I had no idea. I will certainly look into that:-) Thank you!!